Jose Chess 1.4.4

Excellent and powerful chess game that has a vast array of features

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    Checkers & Chess

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    Windows 98 SE / Windows NT / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME

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  • Program license:Free (GPL)
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    7.7 (62)

Advanced players can get in touch with the technical side of Chess by downloading a free version of Jose Chess. The game has never been equipped with so many features.

The highly attuned computer mind provides a formidable challenge for amateurs and masters alike. With an intuitive artificial intelligence that automatically matches the skill of human opponents, this is one of the richest platforms available for a shrewd game between warrior kings.

This software is also a great ally for learning the game through observation. Pitting the computer against itself is thoroughly entertaining and highly educational. Learners can quickly grasp complex strategies to better their game. With enhanced foresight, the machine adeptly predicts moves far in advance. No amount of tactical brilliance can escape the mathematical calculations of this computer. Every possibility is preemptively measured by the cunning equations contained within clever programming.

Timers instill old school ambiance for each match. Lengthy waiting periods between moves are a relic of the past, which means thinking must evolve to process prospective attack angles at a faster speed. Some chess programs struggle to keep precise track of time, but Jose Chess excels at keeping the clock correct down to the second.

Every game has a full log tallied in real time, and the moves are recorded based on the official terminology. In fact, this game assembles a comprehensive list of data that is helpful for honing a deeper understanding of the board game. There are more possible maneuvers in a game of chess than there are stars in the universe, and this title compacts the endless outcomes into one ingenious gadget.

Jose Chess has menus that have seemingly evaded any kind of visual overhaul since Windows 98. Most of the set-up takes place through generic tabs. There is nothing fancy about the arrangement, but chess players just want to get straight to the game anyway. Everything else is an unnecessary addition; luckily, this game has none of those. The interface is definitely not sexy, but it is functional and adaptive.

Because the game emphasizes simplicity, it is uniquely easy to get started. Installation is done almost immediately, and the size of 25MB is conveniently small. Furthermore, this game does not hog RAM like other chess operating systems. The sleek mechanics are streamlined for covert function on any primitive PC.

Many chess games are limited to a single language, which hinders access for universal audiences. This game attempts to bridge the gap by offering English, German and Spanish. Unfortunately, it lacks Russian options, which alienates a significant portion of the worldwide chess community. Hopefully future versions will include the official dialect of the game by including the federation's native tongue.


  • Advanced chess engine calculates every move
  • Difficulty based on performance
  • Countless ways to analyze the game


  • Poor graphics and visuals
  • Too many basic menus
  • No Russian

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